Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary compounding for pets in Hamden, CT

You love your pets, why not give them customized care?

At Apex Pharmacy, we work together with Veterinarians to maximize compliance and the therapeutic success of your animal's medication therapy. Ever try giving your dog or cat a pill? We all know that trying to break tablets in half and administering them to an animal is not a very pleasant task and may result in incorrect dosing. Even when you can disguise a pill in food they often find a way to eat around it.

Apex Pharmacy's professionally equipped compounding lab can make it easier for you to give your pet their medication.

Some popular dosage forms for animals include:

    • Concentrated Liquids
    • Transdermal Gels
    • Small Size Capsules
    • Rectal Suppositories

Let Apex Pharmacy help you get that medication into your special friend! We have flavors that will have them eating out of your hand. Whether it's tuna, fish, salmon, or sardine for cats, beef, chicken, liver or cheese for dogs, Tutti Frutti, raspberry, or cherry for birds or caramel and apple flavoring for horses, we can help you to administer your animal's medication!

Veterinary Medication Flavors

Flavors for Dogs Flavors for Cats
and Other Small Pets
Peanut Butter
Egg Nog
Tutti Fruitti
Banana Cream
Tropical Fruit

If your pet likes a special flavor, let us know and we will do our best to find it.