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Stairlifts are the perfect, affordable solution to help those with mobility problems stay active and independent in their own homes. From the elderly to the wheelchair bound, a staircase can create a barrier for daily living, but Bruno Stairlifts from Apex Home Care can remove that obstacle. One of the leading manufacturers worldwide, Bruno Stairlifts has been manufacturing stairlifts for more than 20 years. Apex Home Care is your local, one-stop shop for properly installing and maintaining your Bruno Stairlift so it’s always functioning safely.

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Discover the Apex Difference

You want quality work in your home from local businesses with experience who are licensed and insured – like Apex Home Care. As your local source for Bruno Stairlifts, Apex Home Care installs stairlifts throughout Connecticut incuding Danbury, New Fairfield, Southbury, Derby and Fairfield County, CT. We’re dedicated to our community and stand by the work of our local, family owned sub-contractors to reinforce our reputation for quality.

With over 15 years of professional experience, we work with state agencies to install Bruno Stairlifts in individual and group homes that need them. Our drivers are kind, polite and respectful. Our installers are clean, on time and provide quality work. That’s our promise.

Why Choose a Bruno Stairlift?

Discerning homeowners want a stairlift that’s safe, dependable, looks good and doesn’t detract from the elegance or value of your home. Bruno Stairlifts are custom made and offer a streamlined design to blend in with your home decor. What’s more, you can always rely on Bruno Stairlifts from Apex Home Care: Bruno Stairlifts are battery operated so power outages are not a concern.

The Installation Process

Designing the stairlift: Bruno receives pictures and measurements and custom builds a stairlift for each customer. The stairlift is made to exact measurements and offers a safe and durable design no matter how complex the staircase may be – whether a straight-rail stairlift is being installed on a basic staircase, a custom-curved stairlift on a staircase with one or more landings and turns, or a custom outdoor stairlift. When the production is complete, the stairlift and all its components are shipped to the dealer for installation.

Installing the stair lift tracks: This is typically the most difficult part of the process. The tracks must be assembled properly for smooth transport. Using bracket bolts, attach the brackets to the nuts in the track channel following the manufacturer's instructions. We’ll check to see that th e track is straight by pulling a string tightly from the top of the track to the bottom.

Adding the control cable: This cable provides a control system for the stair lift. The control cable connects to jacks located at both ends of the stairlift and runs under and along the track, remaining out of sight and making certain no wires are exposed.

Fitting the stairlift seat in place: Stairlift seats come in either a fixed or swivel design. The seat is typically attached using screws at each of the four corners. The seat is placed on the frame and the seat control cables are connected, then the leg rest is placed on the stairlift and aligned with the seat.

Testing the stairlift. The installation team checks to be certain all components of the stairlift fit together seamlessly and that the chair moves smoothly along the rail. The chair is tested to be certain the battery and it components are also working properly.

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Customers from all over have chosen to buy their stairlifts from Apex Pharmacy. Whether in-store or online, we serve a wide local area, including Cheshire, East Haven, New Haven, Northford and West Haven - just to name a few. If you're looking for a trusted stair lift shop near any of these towns, please give us a call. For your convenience, we've included directions from these locations below. Simply click "View larger map" for a full-screen map:

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