Prescription Services

Prescription services in Hamden, CT

Let us help you find the prescription you need.

Our pharmacy staff is committed to providing old-fashioned, personal service and assisting you with all of your prescription medication needs. We are fully stocked, including "hard-to-find" medications.

At Apex Pharmacy you can expect:

  • Prescription refill, transfer and disposal services
  • Short wait times, usually less than 15 minutes
  • All third party insurance plans accepted, including Medicare Part D
  • Free home delivery available in the Hamden, North Haven and New Haven areas (and mail order service available for outside these areas)
  • Drive-up window for convenient prescription drop off and pickup
  • Full-service prescription compounding lab that can prepare custom medications
  • 10% discount for Senior and Pediatric prescriptions. Not applicable on any third party insurance copays.

Prescription transfer in Hamden, CT

Prescription Transfers

Transferring an existing prescription to Apex Pharmacy is easy! Simply bring in the container or call us with the prescription information and we'll do the rest!



Are you a nurse looking for a pharmacy that can pre-pour meds for your patient? Are you looking for special compliance packaging to assist your patient? Look no further.

Call and speak to Lee at Apex at 203-281-6571.

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Watch our robotics video and learn how the pharmacists benefit by having the prescription robot and what he does with all of his free time!