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Ask anyone, young or old, and they'll tell you mobility is the most important ingredient for a fulfilling, independent lifestyle. That's why, as an experienced wheelchair store, we offer two of the most trusted wheelchair brands in the healthcare industry: Medline and Carex. Click on the following links to browse our manual wheelchairs (also known as portable wheelchairs), or scroll further to learn about each brand.

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FAQs about Manual Wheelchairs

What manual wheelchair sizes are available?

Manual wheelchairs come in many different sizes, catering to both small children, large adults and every size in-between. Not surprisingly, it’s important to consider the size of the individual as well as the maneuverability and weight capacity of the wheelchair itself when purchasing a portable wheelchair.

What's important in a portable wheelchair?

In addition to size, there are other features to consider when choosing a portable wheelchair. Some come with lightweight frames (and, hence, are called lightweight portable wheelchairs) that can fold easily inside a car. There are larger chairs designed to be folded, however, they can be quite cumbersome and difficult to load into a vehicle. Some manual wheelchairs come with removable armrests and wheels for easier maneuverability and storage. It’s best to assess needs at the start of the wheelchair selection process.

What are the different types of wheelchairs?

There are several types of manual wheelchairs to provide users with different options. Large rear-wheel chairs, equipped with a tubular ring, allow individuals to maneuver their wheelchairs without assistance. Manual wheelchairs that are meant to be pushed by a second person are lighter in weight and made to be user-friendly.

What safety features are there to consider?

Manual wheelchairs should have some key safety features. Look for locking brakes on the rear wheels to keep the wheelchair stationary when needed. Removable or retractable leg and foot rests keep the user comfortable and safe. Some models feature a seat belt or a seat harness for individuals with specific support needs, and seat cushions made from gel or weight-absorbing material may reduce the development of sores and promote comfort.

About Our Brands

About Medline

Founded in 1966 (with roots dating back to 1910), Medline has grown to become the largest privately held - as well as the most trusted - manufacturer and distributor of medical products in the country. Known the world over for the quality and value of their products (the company offers more than 350,000 healthcare products) - it's safe to say they know what they're doing when it comes to building a manual wheelchair!

About Carex

Founded in 1979, Carex is another industry leader in medical product manufacturing and distribution. With "innovation, design, functionality and performance" at the heart of everything the company offers, Carex has also firmly established itself as a leader in customer service. So, rest assured, in the off-chance your portable wheelchair malfunctions, you're in good hands.

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Buy Your Next Wheelchair from a Trusted Medical Supply Store

Our Home Care staff can help you choose from the available mobility options when a personal device such as cane or walker does not provide enough support. There is no “one size fits all" when it comes wheelchairs; careful measurements need to be taken to ensure a comfortable fit and to reduce strain. Whether you're five feet tall or weigh over 300 pounds, there are specific features that make your chair comfortable to your individual body and we strongly recommend you come in to be fit correctly. So, please, give us a chance - you'll be glad you did!

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