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What Is A Lift Chair?


Lift chairs are reclining chairs with a built-in electrical mechanism designed to help lift users out of - as well as lower into - the chair.

Just about every day, Apex Home Care fits someone into a Golden Technologies Lift Chair. We sell Golden Technologies' products because they're the best built chairs in the industry. We are so confident in their product, that if for any reason yours should need service, we'll loan you one. Lift chairs come in sizes and models to fit every need. A variety of sizes and fabrics are available and most models have an option for heat massage.

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We'll help you find the right lift chair for your needs

Golden Technologies integrates what's called “Smart Technology" into their lift chairs. This allows the chairs to respond to each individual's body type - utilizing features like plush seat cushions - and to provide support from every angle. The best way to select a lift chair that's right for you is to visit Apex Pharmacy's Home Healthcare department and simply sit in them. Use the features and decide for yourself which one best meets your needs. Apex's staff is highly-trained and dedicated to giving you personal service and guidance.

As an authorized Golden Technologies dealer, not only are we always ready to answer any of your questions, we know what questions to ask you in order to help you choose the chair that will best meet your needs. We will explain the manufacturer's warranty as well as help you with possible insurance reimbursement.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lift Chairs

Why choose Golden Technologies lift chairs?

Golden Technologies is always improving their products. The company's latest lift hairs can adjust to your weight distribution as well as the way you lean. This means better support and lifting capabilities where and when you need it.

  • The Value Series is perfect for those on a tight budget
  • The Regal, one of the chairs in the Signature Series, comes with a tray table
  • The Comforter Series and Comforter Extra Wide Series comes in sizes from petite to tall, accommodates upr to 700 pounds and has a Lifetime Warranty
  • The MaxiComfort Series offers optimal comfort positions that promote health, wellness and relaxation for both your body and your mind.

Is there a difference between a recliner and a lift chair?

  • Yes. Do not confuse a lift chair with an ordinary recliner. Since lift chairs facilitate the ease of getting in and out of the chair, you can maintain independent living and minimize the risk of falling.
  • So if you find that sitting down and getting up is not as easy as it used to be, or perhaps it's your loved one who is having this problem, now is the time to check into the latest lift chairs on display at our Hamden, CT medical supply store, where we have been supplying home healthcare products for more than 30 years. You will find a full display of Golden Technologies lift chairs and staff that can educate you on all aspects and features.

Golden Technologies News

"Golden DayDreamer is a Real World Retail Success

Golden Technologies announced that its newest lift recliner, the Golden DayDreamer featuring the unique PowerPillow and patented articulating headrest, is not only an award winner, but because of the contemporary and innovative design, is also already a retail success.

Golden believes that in addition to a truly unique lift chair design, retailers are looking for a product that has a vast market size. Retailers will find exactly what they are looking for with the DayDreamer because it offers an impressive margin. “Retailers are aware of the profits that various products generate per square foot, and the DayDreamer is recognized as being an impressive contributor,” said C.J. Copley, Golden’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Risk is limited with the DayDreamer because it requires little space to generate impressive returns.” Copley added.

In addition to the low risk associated with it, the Golden DayDreamer will be more desirable by more consumers as compared to most lift recliners – and there are good reasons for that. Golden has always been proud to offer free customized marketing services because they recognize that driving increased in-store traffic in turn drives increased sales."

Source: Golden Technologies

Popular Areas We Serve in Connecticut

Apex has been a trusted lift chair source for customers all over Connecticut. Whether in-store or online, not only do we serve a wide local area (including Cheshire, East Haven, New Haven, Northford and West Haven - just to name a few), we nurture a state-wide customer base as well. If you're looking for a trusted medical supply store (with the best lift chairs for sale!), please give us a call. For your convenience, we've included directions from these locations below. Simply click "View larger map" for a full-screen map:

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Cheshire, CT
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