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It's an unfortunate reality, but with increased age comes increased difficulty climbing stairs. Although modern medicine is working on fixing this problem, we have but two options in the meantime: a new home or a home elevator. Thankfully, as a trusted medical supply store, we carry the most trusted brand in residential elevators, ThyssenKrupp. This industry-leading company is famous for manufacturing innovative, stylish and - above all - safe home elevators, so you can rest assured your home and well being are in good hands.

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FAQs about In-Home Elevators

Are home elevators expensive?

Naturally, it depends on who you ask. Considering the benefits and resale value they add, residential elevators are not necessarily expensive. That being said, an elevator that meets all safety requirements will start around $18,000 installed. Don't be fooled by elevators you can buy online for a lot less. Safety and reliability are key to enjoying your elevator for years to come and - as such - you will pay more for the guarantee. As a certified ThyssenKrupp dealer, we meet all of their requirements for financial stability, qualified personnel and service.

Are residential elevators safe?

Yes, especially ThyssenKrupp. That being said, home elevators are safe as long as you follow the rules set forth by code and the manufacture's recommendations. All home elevators are not created equal. Make sure the elevator you purchase follows all safety requirements and your contractor is licensed by the state to do business in your area. We require, and the law requires, every elevator that we install is inspected by an independent, certified and licensed inspector.

How long does it take to install an in-home elevator?

The time frame for creating and installing a home elevator depends on the type of elevator you plan to install. The first step is deciding which operating system will work best in your home.

Are there tax advantages to buying an in-home elevator?

The short answer is yes. Permanent medical improvements (grab bars, ramps, elevators, etc.) to your home are usually tax deductible. The best course of action is to consult with your accountant on how the tax advantage may affect you. Generally speaking, though, if you have a medical necessity and a prescription from a licensed physician, the sales tax would be waived and also a percentage based on your annual income may be deducted.

About ThyssenKrupp Residential Elevators

ThyssenKrupp elevators in Hamden, Connecticut

"Your life. Your style. Your statement." Designing products from small-scale home elevators to the highest chairlift in the world, ThyssenKrupp is the largest lift producer in the Americas and one of the predominant names in the elevator industry worldwide. It shouldn't be surprising. With roots dating back to 1811 (when the company manufactured steel) and a staunch commitment to a vision of redefining the elevator and how we think about it as consumers, it's no wonder ThyssenKrupp has experienced the level of success that it has. 

The effects of this rich culture and vision have certainly found their way into the company's line of residential elevators. Practically every model offers innovative features, customization options (for example, the HE 6 elevator can be designed to perfectly match your personal style and home decor) and industry-leading safety specifications (every home elevator undergoes rigorous testing). So are you ready to give your home a look that rises above the rest? Then it's time for a residential elevator that can help take you to the next level.

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Customers from all over the state of Connecticut (and in some cases, beyond) have chosen Apex's medical supply store as their trusted home elevator source. We serve a wide area, including Cheshire, East Haven, New Haven, Northford and Hartford, CT - just to name a few. If you're looking for a trusted residential elevator store near any of these towns, please give us a call. For your convenience, we've included directions from these locations below. Simply click "View larger map" for a full-screen map:

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