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Father's League championship team sponsored by Apex Pharmacy

Apex Pharmacy in the Community

Pharmacist Rick Carbray on the Excedrin Shortage and Migraines

News 8, WTNH July 12, 2012

Senior Fair at Miller Library, Hamden, CT

May 16,2012

Offering free goodies at a senior show is sure to attract attention. This year, Priscilla Hauser, who has worked at Apex since 2004, charmed the many seniors who attended the fair. She got to explain to the attendees all the benefits of working with Apex Pharmacy and Home Health Care Center. While she spoke to many existing customers, often they brought new faces to the booth who were introduced for the first time. It always makes her feel great when she hears about how much folks just love Apex Pharmacy and the sincere caring way they do business.

There were excellent speakers who talked about all the opportunities available to Veterans. Shows like this one are informative and fun. Priscilla never misses a chance to meet new people and tell them why they would enjoy the experience at Apex.

Hamden Chamber of Commerce
Business Showcase at Hamden High School

April 17,2012
hamden_logoSally Farrell likes to represent Apex Pharmacy at this fair. This annual event is the largest business trade show in Hamden. Sally says, “I enjoy participating because I get to meet area residents, our customers and all the vendors who service our community." People tell her how much they appreciate Apex's consistent care and customer service. Sally feels she is representing one of the area's finest businesses.

Apex should be proud of their reputation that earned them Business of the Year from the Chamber this year. It makes Sally's job a pleasure to represent a company who serves the area's needs in home health care, nutrition, and pharmacy supplies.

Jeans For A Good Cause

Apex Pharmacy and Home Health Care, earmarks the last Friday of every month as “Jeans Friday". Did you know that each one of the staff members contribute $5.00 on that day just so they can wear their jeans. Then this money is collected for a good reason.

Every month, a different local cause is chosen to benefit from the collection. Employees share their suggestions. They often know of family and friends who are having a medical crisis and need help. Fundraising for these local needs brings the staff closer to philanthropic actions in their community and provides staff camaraderie.

Apex wants to help out. Share your thoughts when you come in for someone who needs a helping hand. Jewel Giorodano, a staff member for over 20 years, even collects bottles and cashes them in as part of the store donations.

At Apex, Jeans Day is a good day all around.

Striving to Provide Answers for the Treatment of Autism

On November 6, 2010, Apex Pharmacy's Nutritional Specialist, David Mason, attended The Autism Spectrum Resource Fair sponsored by ASCONN and the CT Autism Spectrum Resource Center. Apex Pharmacy was the only source represented for the prescription and nutritional needs of people in the Autism spectrum. David created several hand-outs that explained Apex Pharmacy's initiatives to stay on top of the treatment of Autism. He commented “I am pleased to be able to provide important and timely information for the autism community. “

Apex Pharmacy specializes in compounded medications and offers the specific nutritional supplements suggested in the newest protocol for the treatment of Autism. Besides Apex Pharmacy serving compounding customers throughout Connecticut, their online store,, serves the global community.

Apex Pharmacy works closely with many DAN (Defeat Autism Now) organizations and practitioners to help customize the right formula specifically for each patient, including assisting client's with compliance of the SCD diets. Dave Mason and Apex Pharmacy work hard to stay on the cutting edge of providing pharmaceutical and nutritional solutions in the treatment of autism.

The ASCONN event was held at the University of Connecticut, Stamford Campus. The exhibitors included family advocacy groups, alternative therapies, camps, community providers, consultants, financial resources, recreation programs, schools, social skills resources and state agencies. David Mason remarked “I was quite surprised at the size of the event." He estimated at least 1,200 people in attendance. Dave continued “ I was thrilled that such a large number of people would tap in to such a rich resources available for all of those on the spectrum."

Photos from the conference are posted on Apex Pharmacy's Facebook Page

Nancy Hasenbeck Jatcko, a fan of Apex Pharmacy on Facebook wrote, "Thank you for your contributions to this area. As a mother of a non verbal learner in the spectrum, I appreciate the valuable service that you provide to our family."

It is comments like Nancy's that keep Apex Pharmacy and Dave Mason always striving to be a part of the solution.

Rocking Chair Rock-a-thon at Maplewoods of Hamden

Friday, June, 11, 2010: Sally Farrell, a Customer Service Representative from Apex Pharmacy went to Maplewoods and assisted about 25 residents in rocking gently to music in a rocking chair. It provided exercise and the opportunity for Sally to spend one on one time with every resident. Apex Pharmacy handed out goodie bags to everyone as well as a raffle prize. Sally said, “When I left the show, I felt fulfilled and revived because I know I made a difference in someone's day and they didn't know what a difference they made in mine".
Maple Woods At Hamden

WELI Home Shopper Show with Jim Masters

Saturday and on Sunday mornings LIVE starts at 8am on News/Talk 960 WELI: To shop and save at Apex Pharmacy call 203-288-9354 during the “The WELI Home Shopper Show with Jim Masters" and save big!

The Home Shopper Show

Dan Lovallo's TALK of Connecticut on WDRC-AM 1360

Monday, June 7, 2010: Co-owner of Apex Pharmacy, Richard Carbray, called in to talk all about the benefits of what Apex Pharmacy offers as an independent pharmacy. He covered topics such as the quality of their nutritional supplements and why compounding prescriptions are needed. He also discussed the products that Apex Pharmacy's Home Health Care Department sells and how the staff excels in their areas of expertise.

Talk of Connecticut

South Central Agency on Aging Senior Expo

AOA_logoMay 21, 2010: George Howarth, a Customer Service Representative for Apex Pharmacy since 2008 attended at the Wilbur Cross Field House in New Haven, CT. George manned the Apex Pharmacy booth at the event and answered a lot of questions regarding home health care and mobility products. George felt the best thing about the show was that all aspects of senior care were represented.

Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut

ASCONN's 20th Annual Statewide Conference on Autism

Saturday, April 24, 2010: Nutritional Specialist, Dave Mason from Apex Pharmacy attends ASCONN's conference that celebrates 20 years of bringing information, education and awareness about autism to Connecticut.

Autism Society of Connecticut

Hamden Chamber of Commerce Business & Community Expo

hamden_coc_expo_logoTuesday, April 13, 2010: Ann Marie (aka: Babe) Odell, a Customer Service Representative for Apex Pharmacy since 1999, has attended this event on Apex Pharmacy's behalf for 6 years. This year, Babe loved the opportunity to meet new people and see familiar faces. The interaction with the customers provides her with the opportunity to hear customers say how much they love the pharmacy. Babe said, “This not only makes me proud, but new people listen when other people express their feelings about Apex."
Hamden Chamber of Commerce/