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70% of accidents in the home happen in the bathroom!

Whether because of age, injury or disability, maneuvering around a bathroom can be a cumbersome (and sometimes even dangerous) endeavor. Thankfully, there are many bathroom safety products designed to help you or loved ones move safely around the bathroom. From grab bars and toilet safety rails for assisted movement to bath chairs for support, there is a bathroom safety product for every need. And we only carry the most trusted brands in the bathroom safety industry, including Carex, Medline and Graham Field.

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Bath & Shower Seats
Grab Bars
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Hand-held Shower Heads

Bath & Shower Chairs

When standing up in the shower becomes difficult, a shower chair or bath bench can offer security and comfort. Shower seats are available in several designs and models from the simplest bath bench to a fully-equipped wheel-chair style that you can roll directly into a stall shower.

Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars make one of the most dangerous movements that the elderly or disabled make - stepping into and out of the bathtub - safer. Grab bars installed around the tub make exiting the tub safer and combined with the non-slip mat next to the tub, the risk of a fall is greatly decreased.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats and risers are used in conjunction with an existing toilet to raise the height of the sitting surface. We carry a wide selection of raised toilet seats and risers to fit any toilet including elongated raised toilet seats, standard bowl raised toilet seats, lock on or clamp on raised toilet seats and toilet riser kits. Many of our raised toilet seats and risers have arms for additional support or can come without them.

Hand-held Shower Heads

A hand held shower head is a favorite for the elderly or disabled population. It allows the user to adjust the water temperature before pointing the shower head at themselves. It also allows them to get completely wet without having to move around too much and it can also be used from a seated position in conjunction with a shower chair.

The Manufacturers we carry include:

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